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Top 5 Survival Tips Every Person Should Know

survival tipsEarthquakes, raging storms and tsunamis – these are just some of the disasters we wouldn’t want to happen, although we won’t be able to stop them if they do. The best thing that we can do is to be prepared if the time calls for it. Surviving an emergency, a natural calamity or a man-made disaster, means we may have to equip ourselves with the right materials, mindset and skills. You would wish you wouldn’t have to use these survival tips in the near future, but you’d be glad knowing them especially if it’s a life and death situation.

1. Have an emergency kit at home, at work and in your vehicle. The kit should contain all the essential items that will help you survive for the next three days or until help comes in. You should have non-perishable foods such as canned goods, food bars as well as water. The kit should also contain first aid items such as bandages, disinfectants and special medications. Don’t forget to put in a flashlight with extra batteries, some paracode, a swiss knife, some clothes and blankets.

2. It would be best to make time for a survival class. Your knowledge from this class would come in handy in emergency situations such as saving a drowning person, how to give CPR, how to treat wounds and so on. You may not be a licensed paramedic, but arming yourself with these know-how’s can potentially save your life and others.

3. Learning how to survive the wilderness is also one of the few crucial survival tips. Although this scene usually happens in the movies, you’ll never know where you end up when a disaster strikes. Surviving the wilderness means knowing how to make a fire when there are no lighters or matches available. You should also know how to make your own temporary shelter and look for food in the jungle. These skills will help you survive even if you don’t have the right materials.

4. You should have the right mindset. When you’re overridden with panic during a calamity, all preparations and skills will fail you. Always remember to stay calm and think as clearly as possible. Using common sense is just as vital. It should be a natural instinct to stay away from falling objects during an earthquake or switch off all the appliances during a storm.

5. Once you’ve assured your own survival and your family’s, round up the neighborhood and help in any way you can. You can share your goods, look for missing persons or assist in building shelters. In this time of dire need, you will only have each other and you are more likely to survive if everyone lends a hand.

While some people may look at these disaster scenarios as surreal and too far-fetched, being prepared for the worst in times of disaster will get you far. Studying and implementing these survival tips are crucial and there’s no better time to start being prepared than now. After all, the life that you might save in times of disaster may be your very own.

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