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How to Reduce the Effects of Aging With Anti-Oxidants

Effects of Aging With Anti-OxidantsNone of us wants to age. Even if that is inevitable, we all want to look young because youth has a beauty that is absent in age. How can you reduce the effects of aging with anti-oxidants? Let us find out.

Anti-oxidants and what they are

Our body is constantly attacked by pollution, sunrays and other damaging factors. While saving the body, we produce free radicals. These are oxygen molecules without an electron. These free radicals’ search around the body for a free electron. They take it from a healthy cell and kill it. That is very damaging to body and accelerates aging. Anti-oxidants give an electron to these free radicals and stop them from damaging healthy cells. That is how they protect us from aging.

Anti-oxidants and how to use them.

Most of the Vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E are anti oxidants. You get them from food. Beta-carotene that is a type of Vitamin a is an excellent anti-oxidant. You get it from foods such as carrots. You can also take supplements of these Vitamins under a doctor’s advice. Some Vitamins are dangerous in higher dose. Selenium is another anti oxidant. Copper peptide is one more. Some of these anti-oxidants are formulated in topical applications and can be used to maintain the young look of the skin. Many Vitamin formulations are available in the market to fight aging looks by application.

Choose one carefully that suits your skin type. Speak to your doctor first and fight the aging looks. Anti-oxidants are our friends.

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