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Ideas for Alternative Home Energy

When it comes to problems in western society, energy consumption and associated rising costs rank near the top of the list.  An unavoidable fact in our modern world is that we all need electricity to power our lives.  Our fast paced, high tech civilization depends on the power provided by electricity. However, few would disagree that energy costs are simply just too high.  Producing your own alternative home energy is one of the most effective ways at slashing those high costs.

All throughout history, human ingenuity has given us what we need to improve our lives.  Energy production is no exception. People have done what they always do whenever there’s something that does not completely satisfy them about life: they innovate.

Alternative home energy has been on the roll ever since people have made designs efficient enough to make them feasible. People may think that alternative energy is just a recent development, but in fact, alternative energy has been around even before electricity was discovered.

Consider these types of alternative home energy:

1) Wind energy – Nowadays, windmills are used in homes to run small generators. These generators produce and store electricity to be used in running small home appliances. However, windmills have been around for a long time. If you take a look at the word “windmill” you will realize that this type of device was used for a purpose other than producing electricity.

Yes, the windmill was indeed originally invented to mill grain. As you may well know, grinding grain by hand is very hard work. So in order to make life more convenient and the production of flour more efficient, windmills were used to turn the large grinders.

Seeing as how this was so effective, it was inevitable that the windmill would evolve into the 21st century in order to be used as a power source.

Watch how to build your own windmill

Watch this video by YouTuber markp0177

Solar Energy Is Older Technology Than You Think

banner32) Solar energy – Many people think of this type of alternative home energy as something that’s technologically advanced. In a sense, harnessing the power of the sun to produce electricity is. But this alternative home energy has already been in use for a long, long time.

Think about this word for a second: clothesline. Aha, you get it now, don’t you? Yes, we have been using solar energy to dry our clothes for God knows how long. Think about that spin dryer or hair dryer you have and think about how much electricity it uses to do a task that the sun has been able to do for years, albeit at a slower pace.

This alternative home energy is harnessed nowadays for a variety of tasks. Some use it to heat their homes, others use solar power to heat water, and other people use solar cells to power small appliances and save a little on that electricity bill. The efficiency by which we are now able to convert solar power into electricity is of such a degree that it is very possible to power a whole house! Now, isn’t that amazing?

3) Hydropower – This type of alternative home energy makes use of water currents in order to turn turbines to run generators. Once again, this is not really a new technology. Like windmills, waterwheels were often used to harness the power of a nearby river in order to grind grain into flour.

Watch how to make your own Hydropower

Watch this video by Youtuber Kris Harbour
4) Biogas – This is another alternative home energy source. Biogas is produced naturally via the decomposition of different biological material. By using biogas instead of the common LPG, home owners can cut back on their heating bills.

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